From podcasts and videos to helpful articles and apps, the resources enable you to help yourself through expert advice, information and guidance


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A gallery of short videos are led by counsellors, providing bitesize tips and practical advice


Listen on the go to mental health podcasts. Led by experienced clinicians, you will gain a greater understanding of mental health topics and coping strategies

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Self-help workbooks

Not everyone feels comfortable discussing their issues or concerns with another person. Access and explore a wide range of self-help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy workbooks that offer advice and guidance on a range of topics

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NHS resources

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Free resource provided by NHS England for all NHS staff, including access to free apps and a helpline


Written by experts using their clinical experience, these articles provide valuable insight and guidance on topics impacting mental health

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Training / Courses

Courses provided free of charge to all SYB NHS & health and care organisations

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